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Substance Abuse Services (Adolescent)

Population & Funding

Population Served:
Children / Adolescents – 8-20 yrs.
Funding Source: Medicaid ARTS insurances.


The main focus of our co-occurring enhanced Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is to assist children/adolescents, who are at-risk for developing substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders, to overcome the detrimental effects of addiction. Our program provides a highly-structured and concentrated dose of clinical treatment services including:
⦁ Addictions Psycho-Educational Group Counseling
⦁ Motivational Enhancement Group Therapy
⦁ Relapse Prevention Group Therapy
⦁ Parent/Adolescent Psychoed Group (Fridays)
⦁ Individual & Family Therapy
⦁ Psychiatric Medication Management (On-site)
⦁ Ambulatory Withdrawal Management (On-site)
⦁ Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)(On-site)

Parent/guardian collaborative participation in weekly family psychoeducational groups and regular family therapy sessions is highly encouraged. We provide regular correspondence with courts / probationary institutions regarding treatment engagement, progress, and random drug screen results. Additionally, we work collaboratively with inter-disciplinary professionals for vocational rehabilitation/counseling, psychological testing, and placement in sober-living recovery houses

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