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Group Therapy Session


What is MH-IOP?

Our Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (MH-IOP) offers a highly structured clinical approach designed for individuals who require more intensive services than traditional outpatient psychiatric services but do not necessitate the round-the-clock supervision of inpatient care. Suitable for youth (ages 6-17), our program aims to maintain and improve functional abilities through a multidisciplinary treatment approach, ensuring a holistic recovery journey.

Intensive Outpatient Program

  • Evidence-Based Treatment: Integration of the latest evidence-based practices to address symptoms and functioning, promoting stability and developmentally appropriate living within the community.

  • Structured Yet Flexible: Services tailored to provide at least six hours of clinical services a week, with a focus on tapering intensity as symptoms improve.

  • Comprehensive Care Coordination: From crisis intervention to peer recovery support services, our program covers all aspects necessary for recovery and relapse prevention.

Service Objectives

  • Stabilize Mental Health: Use evidence-based interventions to help clients achieve stability and engage fully in life.

  • Enhance Self-Management: Equip clients with skills to manage symptoms, handle stress, and maintain wellness.

  • Improve Quality of Life: Address mental health comprehensively to boost social, occupational, and educational well-being.

  • Support Reintegration: Aid those moving from inpatient care or at hospitalization risk to reintegrate into their community and routines.

  • Build a Supportive Community: Create a space for mutual support, understanding, and growth among participants.

  • Engage Families and Caregivers: Include families and caregivers in the treatment process to strengthen the client’s support network.

  • Aetna (Commercial)

  • Aetna Better Health (Medicaid/MCO)

  • Anthem BCBS (Commercial)

  • Anthem HealthKeepers Plus (Medicaid/MCO)

  • Cigna (Commercial)

  • Medicare

  • Molina Complete Care (Medicaid/MCO)

  • Optima Family Care (Medicaid/MCO)

  • Sentara Optima (Commercial)

  • United Health Care (Medicaid/MCO)

  • United Health Care (commercial)

  • Virginia Premiere (Medicaid/MCO)

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