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​Welcome to Civitas Health Services, Inc., a trusted provider of Mental Health and Substance Use services since 2011. Our compassionate team offers personalized outpatient and home-based therapeutic care for children and adults. Choose between in-person or telehealth sessions tailored to your specific needs. With a client-centered approach, we prioritize your progress and well-being. Our evidence-based modalities, guided by highly trained practitioners, ensure effective and empowering treatment. Take control of your mental health journey today. Contact us for a healthier tomorrow.



The mission of Civitas Health Services, Inc. (CHS) is to change the culture of behavioral health through a higher standard of service delivery.

As a Joint Commission accredited organization, we've served Central and South-eastern Virginia since 2010. Our team of highly skilled professionals prioritizes your health and well-being, providing client-centric care and education. Our goal is to empower clients and their support systems for stability and growth.

We rely on evidence-based measures and outcomes to create a healthier community. When you need comprehensive treatment services, turn to Civitas Health Services, Inc. Contact us today for an appointment.


  • Unconditional positive regard for all clients

  • Family involvement in treatment

  • Maintaining therapeutic boundaries

  • Holistic treatment and support services

  • Family inclusion in planning and progress

  • Protecting client rights and confidentiality

  • Individualized treatment and aftercare

  • Preparing for successful discharge

  • Ongoing staff training for best practices

  • Continual evaluation for improved outcomes

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