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CHS Mission & Core Values

​The mission of Civitas Health Services, Inc. (CHS) is to change the culture of behavioral health through a higher standard of service delivery.

As a Joint Commission accredited organization, we've served Central and South-eastern Virginia since 2010. Our team of highly skilled professionals prioritizes your health and well-being, providing client-centric care and education. Our goal is to empower clients and their support systems for stability and growth.

We rely on evidence-based measures and outcomes to create a healthier community. When you need comprehensive treatment services, turn to Civitas Health Services, Inc. Contact us today for an appointment.​​


Core Values

Our organization is guided by five core values that shape our culture and define the essence of our interactions both internally and with our clients.


Personal accountability is essential and beneficial to the team. We provide an environment for team members to seize opportunities for the promotion of productivity, progression, and cooperation.


Collaboration between inter- and intra-departmental team members is necessary for the progress of the organization and our clientele. Civitas holds that the unity within the organization is a required value that will allow the organization to provide the excellent quality of services which we believe our clients deserve.

Excellent Communication

We believe that communication is key to providing excellent customer service. When we have productive communication and collaboration within the organization, it allows for an exceptional provision of services.

Excellent Customer Service

Our motto is "No Client Left Behind". We work to ensure that, from intake to discharge, all of our clients receive services which go the extra mile. We work to make sure that our clients receive the necessary mental and behavioral health services, along with wraparound services by collaborating with appropriate service providers. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients while exceeding their expectations.

Lead With Love

We believe in leading with love. Our goal as leaders is to educate and train our employees. We strive to encourage and enhance the personal and professional growth of our team members.

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