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Message From The CEO


As a company, we have seen much growth over the years. For example:

  • We have nearly increased our workforce ten times over and have embraced diversity and cultural balance.

  • We have become the leading provider of behavioral health services and educational programs to reduce family fragmentation.

  • We have accessed the latest technology and web-based systems to improve our client service delivery and deploy our services with efficiency.

  • We have become pioneers in our industry by imploring a community-based model where the central office drives services; providing staff support at a very high level and on-site training opportunities for individuals and families as a part of the scope of their services.      


It is also important to note what has not changed at Civitas health Services, Inc., namely our commitments to providing exceptional client service and to living our core values: Excellence in Everything, Leadership by Example, Integrity, and Transparency, Focus on the Client and Employee Centered models.

Looking ahead, we are focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy, while continuing to build on the strength of our brand—in helping our clients access to genuine help and in bringing positive change to the communities in which we work and live. I am incredibly excited about this journey and truly believe the best of Civitas Health Services, Inc. is yet to come.


LeMar A. Bowers

Chairman and CEO

LeMar Bowers

After spending more than two decades in the mental health field, I feel very privileged to be writing this message as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Civitas Health Services, Inc.


We began our journey as a licensed Mental Health agency October 13, 2011, and have spent the past few years continuing to build our brand, which has now become synonymous with leading the charge in customer service and excellent service delivery. Because of great staff, commitment to changing the culture of mental health services, and proven systems, we have quickly become a leader in our industry.

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