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Desmond Kwawu

HR Generalist

Desmond Kwawu is a passionate HR professional with 16 years of experience in diverse settings, specializing in creating positive work environments and fostering organizational growth. He has proven success in managing recruitment processes, reducing turnover, and enhancing overall employee satisfaction. Adept at aligning HR systems to achieve organizational objectives.

Desmond is currently serving as an HR Generalist at Civitas Health Services, overseeing Recruitment, Orientation, Onboarding, Employee Relations, Performance Management, and HRIS maintenance. Committed to resolving employee relations issues and contributing to a positive work culture.

He Holds an MBA in Human Resources Management from the University of Ghana Business School and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Desmond advocates for a people-centric HR approach, recognizing employees as a crucial asset and aiming to foster a positive, inclusive, and high-performance work culture.

Desmond Kwawu
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