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Family together


What is FFT?

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is an evidence-based, short-term counseling service that provides high-quality family intervention.  It is an internationally recognized model for improving outcomes for troubled youth and their families. This program is for youth who have received referral for the treatment of behavioral or emotional problems including co-occurring substance use disorders by the juvenile justice, behavioral health, school, or child welfare systems. FFT addresses both symptoms of serious emotional disturbance in the identified youth as well as parenting/caregiving practices and/or caregiver challenges that affect the youth and caregiver’s ability to function as a family. The FFT model serves as a step-down or diversion from higher levels of care and seeks to understand and intervene with the youth within their network of systems including, family, peers, school and neighborhood/community.

Who is Eligible?

FFT is targeted towards youth between the ages of 11 - 18, however, the service is available to any youth under the age of 21 who meets medical necessity criteria.


  • Create a positive motivation by decreasing family hostility, conflict, and blame, increasing hope, and building balanced alliances with family members.

  • Identifying patterns of family interaction to understand the positive interpersonal benefits for individual family members.

  • Reducing or eliminating problems from the referral(s) by improving family functioning and individual skill development.

  • Extending the improvements to new situations and systems

  • Aetna Better Health (Medicaid/MCO)

  • Anthem HealthKeepers Plus (Medicaid/MCO)

  • Molina Complete Care (Medicaid/MCO)

  • Optima Family Care (Medicaid/MCO)

  • United Health Care (Medicaid/MCO)

  • Virginia Premiere (Medicaid/MCO)

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