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Depression Screening

Woman suffering with depression

With this screening, it's important to note that this is not a diagnostic tool. It can help identify potential signs of mental health disorder(s), but a professional assessment by a trained mental health clinician is necessary for an official diagnosis.

Using a 1-5 scale where:
1 = Not at all
2 = Several days
3 = More than half the days
4 = Nearly every day
5 = Every day

Please indicate how often each statement applies to you over the past two weeks:

Heading 4

1. I have felt down, depressed, or hopeless.

3. I frequently feel fatigued or lack energy.

4. I experience difficulty sleeping, either too much or too little.

2. I have had little interest or pleasure in doing things I usually enjoy.

5. I've noticed a change in my appetite, either eating too much or having no appetite.

6. I feel worthless or overly guilty about things I've done or not done.

7. I have difficulty concentrating, making decisions, or thinking clearly.

8. I often feel restless or, conversely, feel slowed down.

9. I have had recurrent thoughts of death or have considered harming myself.

10. I feel isolated or distant from friends and loved ones, even when they are around.

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